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Welcome to

Dane Valley Climate Action Group (DVCAG)

The Dane Valley Climate Action Group (DVCAG) was formed following an open meeting in October 2019 at the Swythamley and Heaton Centre, arranged to sound out interest among local people in establishing such an organisation.

From the 19 people who attended that first meeting, we soon grew to over 30 local people who expressed interest in getting involved, many of whom attended subsequent meetings.

Our causes

Our Mission

To facilitate the changes that need to be made by people living and working locally in order to reduce our collective carbon footprint to the minimum achievable.

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Our current projects

Tree and hedge planting

Over the winter of 2019/20 our team of volunteers planted over 1000 trees at five sites. We have also helped to publicise some funding opportunities for those who wish to see woodland areas planted and fenced within their land.

Save Your Saplings Campaign

We have been asking local residents not to destroy self-seeded saplings which are growing in the wrong places in their gardens, but instead to donate them to us for planting in more suitable situations. We have also harvested a number of unwanted saplings from Gun Moor.

Promoting Renewable Energy Options

We have researched alternative energy generating systems and what is involved in their installation, including planning issues. Our plan is to arrange events to promote and explain these and to facilitate their local take-up.

Gun Moor to The Roaches Wildlife Corridor

Our ambition is to gain the co-operation of all the landowners along the proposed corridor, in the development of a wildlife-friendly environment, with trees, hedges, wildflowers and ponds, providing a safe route for wildlife between the two important reserves.

How you can help us

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Tree planting

Tree Planting Schedule

DVCAG Trustees

Julian Ruddock

Chair and Secretary

David Brain


Mick Heath


Graham Wood